Booking available for European Tour JUNE 2014
Buenos Aires duo on their second european tour.

Folk music of delicate, mystic but modern spirit, on South American traditional instruments.

The year 2013 saw the launch of their first album together (El Poder Oculto); a european music tour at beautiful venues in Germany, Denmark, Norway, England, France and Spain; and a presentation at the largest independent music festival in Buenos Aires (Festi Hermoso). There are plans for a new european tour in June 2014, and gigs in South America and US during the rest of the year.

On their album "El Poder Oculto"

El Poder Oculto is a simbiosis of traditional South American folk instruments (Spanish guitar, charango, bombo leguero, pinkuyo) with other instruments (banjo, clarinet) played in a non traditional way. It has a modern folk feeling but with an old roots spirit, mixing powerful vocal melodies or instrumental songs, creating a complex piece of sound exploration.

"The album is a lush, soft adventure into a world of soothing tunes, mixed with Andean traditional roots and a contemporary folk revival. Patané and Fages are both experienced guitarists, as one can clearly hear while listening to El Poder Oculto. Though the music has a very lo-fi and relaxing feel to it, the duo’s arrangements show a strong and dedicated musicianship."
Steven Totten for Sounds & Colours /

"Between their personal and shared projects they found some time to this nondescript-music: a bunch of songs and instrumental pieces working as a suite, prevailed by the timbre of charango, clarinet, guitar, bombo leguero and Fages´s voice. (..) An interesting and personal album that could worth just for it art-work "
Martin Graziano for Rolling Stone Arg / review on september 2013

"´s a slight album of experimental folk of autumn. The voices appear a little bit, leaving spaces for long landscapes completly instrumental and hipnotic"
Franco Garofalo for Inrockuptibles /

"...Like Juana Molina meets Campfire Songs-era Animal collective. Lucy and Marina's show verged more toward modern dance at times than music. "

Booking available for European Tour JUNE 2014

19/05 - Madrid, ES
20/05 - Igualada, ES (Hot Blues) 
21/05 - Barcelona, ES (Mutuo) + Quico Tretze
22/05 - Girona/Sant Feliu, ES  (Ateneu 24 de Juny)
23/05 - Toulouse, FR (Aaltra) 
24/05 - Toulouse, FR (Le Pousse Cailloux) 
24/05 - Le Burgaud, FR (Café du Burgaud) 
26/05 - Lyon, FR
27/05 - Saint-Étienne, FR (Le Remue-Méninges) + Raymonde Howard
28/05 - Dijon, FR (Chez Françoise) 
30/05 - Paris, FR (Homespun Booking)
31/05 - TBA
01/06 - Brussels, BE 
02/06 - TBA
03/06 - Karlsruge, DE (Konzerttagebuch)
04/06 - Augsburg, DE (GrandHotel)
05/06 - Heidelberg, DE
06/06 - Mainz, DE
07/06 - Berlin, DE ( Madame Claude ) 
08/06 - Berlin, DE ( Karneval der Kulturen, Latinauta stage)
10/06 - Berlin, DE ( Soupanova ) 
11/06 - Hamburg, DE
12/06 - Bremen, DE
13/06 - Groningen, NED ( Wishfulmusic )
15/06 - Amsterdam, NED (CCMuziekCafe)
16/06 - Brussels, BEL
22/06 - London, UK ( Inspiral, Candem) 

More about Lucy & Marina

Marina Fages sings, composes and plays the guitar, but is also a visual artist. Her first solo album "Madera Metal" was released in Argentina (2012) and Japan (2013).
Lucy is a well-known musician and producer, showing expert skills of different instruments. Lucy and Marina met during highschool playing in hc-punk bands of Buenos Aires' underground scene. A couple of years later, while doing musical improv and jamming in the artistic collective Marder, they crossed paths one more time in a project initiated by Lucy Patane with Marina Fages's songs. This project transformed their untainted punkness into a folk-ish desire to become one with the mountains. It's name was El Tronador. They funded a record shop in 2012, Mercurio Disquería, with many more friends. And after producing Marina's solo album, Lucy & Marina concocted their next adventure: a new album "El Poder Oculto" released in June 2013 in which they could experiment with folklore and new instruments; and an european tour for 2013. 2014 will see a second european tour and gigs around South America and US plus a split music cassette with new songs.

Music Videos

COMO PIEDRAS - 12/2013


Botánico at Montaña Bolívar, Buenos Aires

Mercado 4 at Vinilo Café, Buenos Aires La Sangre en la


Booking available for European Tour JUNE 2014

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Europe Tour August 2013 Patané & Fages:
07/8 Peng ( Mainz, Germany)
09/8 Madame Claude Berlin (Berlin, Germany)
10/8 Hasenschaukel (Hamburgo, Germany)
16/8 Galore Festival (Copenhague, Denmark)
17/8 Horten Roots & Reggae Festival ( Horten, Norway)
20/8 Kafeen (Bergen, Norway)
23/8 Tre Brør Café, Voss (Voss, Norway)
25/8 Inspiral (London, England)
26/8 the Finsbury (London, England)
27/8 The Forge (London, England)
29/8 The Persimmon House (Touluse, France)
31/8 Musica Maestro (Carcassonne, France)
03/9 Chez Adel (Paris, France)
04/9 Pop In (Paris, France)
Fages solist:
6/09 Café Berlin (Madrid, Spain)
11/09 Centro de Arte Mutuo (Barcelona, Spain)
25/09 Marktlücke (Berlin, Germany)
28/09 Grand Hotel Cosmopolis (Augsburg, Germany)
1/10 La Fábrica (Madrid, Spain)
6/10 Soupanova (Berlin, Germany)

Lucy plays guitar, banjo, charango, bombo leguero and experimental percussion.
Marina plays guitar, clarinet, bombo leguero and pinkullo.