"MADERA METAL" 1rst solo album of Marina Fages
october 2012

Video clip of "Lineas Doradas" (first track of Madera Metal)
directed by 12-NA

MADERA METAL ( Argentinian edition by MARDER ) 2012

"Madera Metal"
is the fist solo album of Marina Fages with 9 songs composed by her.
Fages sings and play the guitar, exploring her vocal spectre and melodic lines on songs with an experimental feeling.
Invited artists: Lucy Patané (production, mixing, banjo and percussions), Fernando Kabusacki (guitars and effects),
Ignacio Czornogas (bariton sax, sax, claron and clarinet) and Martín de Lassaletta (double bass).
The album was recorded in 2012 in Ion and Estudio King (Argentina) and mastered by Juan Stewart.

The argentinian edition are 500 copies with a different drawing each one, drawed by Marina Fages in golden lines.

marina fages madera metal

madera metal dibujos marina fages

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MADERA METAL ( Japanese Edition by Panai ) 2013
different cover, extra songs & cards with painting art of Marina Fages
order here

marina fages madera metal japanise edition


MADERA METAL ( Casette edition by Crang Records ) 2014
different cover + stickers
order here
casette marina fages madera metal crang records